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This is a translated blog post, originally featured in the Japanese industry focused magazine, “Piping Engineering 2021 April.” Text, images, layout have been modified to optimize for this blog post.


About PlantStream Inc.

Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc collaborated together to make the company and product, PlantStream. PlantStream is a powerful, fast, and accurate CAD tool that seeks to bring about worldwide innovation in spatial design (layout and modeling of equipment, piping, civil, structure, and cable), the core of plant engineering.

One of the issues facing plant design is the enormous breadth of the work involved. The designer in charge is likely to…

You find yourself at the end of the dock ready to take on the challenge of the sea, but which boat best suits you? A canoe, a yacht, a cruise liner? Okay, maybe we’re not really jumping into boats, but the vastness of software available can feel a bit like an ocean, and finding the right one for the right price can be a daunting task. Today we’ll be diving into some of the top 3D plant development software, and seeing how they implement automation to save time, and money, in your workflow.


The newest CAD tool to enter the…

PlantStream has entered into the the market of plant design, bringing with them the latest technology “Block Pattern.” But what is Block Pattern and how does that impact you? You saw it in action with the accompanying video, but let’s deep dive into what the feature is.

Block Patterns are preset templates of equipment and peripheral pipings. You’re able to quickly place these blocks throughout your plant to form your plant layout. With these blocks you’re able to adjust parameters of the equipment, such as how big the access space is, how many inlets or outlets there are, which…

Earlier this week PlantStream left beta, and now we’re excited to announce that we have three brand new positions available on our team.

Company Overview

PlantStream is an autonomous 3D CAD software with phenomenal precision and speed.

Our mission is to streamline plant engineering to increase the productivity of and creative freedom of plant designers.

PlantStream is a small remote team that started in September 2020. After the success of our alpha and beta deliveries, we are now looking to expand the team. We are looking for an entrepreneurial minded, tech-oriented candidates.

Product Sales Manager — North America

Full-time contractor position


You will be working fully-remote as…

PlantStream may have just left beta, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have many more exciting features planned for 2021 and beyond.

We analyzed where PlantStream was already excelling, and after consultation with our early adopters we made plans to develop features like following:

  • Export support for industry standard tools & formats such as SP3D, DWG, Navis, and more
  • Support for object snapping for better CAD UX
  • Update to the Routing Assist algorithm to take into account process requirements, such as expansion loops and slopes
  • Underground routing support for more downstream detailed design
  • Multi-user support for teams working on large…

It’s here! PlantStream, the innovative autonomous CAD that can automatically route 1,000 pipes in just 60 seconds, is officially out of beta today.

Since the first release of the beta back in September 2020, we have worked closely with our early adopters to gather invaluable feedback. We have looked at how PlantStream has positively affected our partners, but also listened to their feature requests. As a result today we are pleased to reveal the new additions that have been added to PlantStream.

Routing Assist Through Pass Point

An interview between Chiyoda and Arent. How an established plant engineering company and a CAD specialized startup their new joint venture, PlantStream.

Left: Hiroki Kamobayashi, CEO, Arent, Inc.
Right: Seitaro Narue, ex-Piping Engineer, Chiyoda Corporation & now-CEO, PlantStream Inc.

The two of you, Seitaro and Hiroki, have crossed over organizational boundaries to tackle problems together. How did you originally meet?

Seitaro (Chiyoda): It was back when Chiyoda Corporation was pursuing various AI start ups and proofs of concept regarding the automation of piping design. I met Hiroki on May 10, 2018.

Hiroki (Arent): You remember the exact day!? (Laughs)

Seitaro: Of course. After all, when we first met and discussed automation, you said something that shocked me. “We should not use AI…


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