Left: Tadashi Kubo, Electrical System & Smart Grid Engineering Dept. Right: Makoto Kabesu, Control System Engineering Dept. (Chiyoda Corporation)

A chat with Chiyoda’s Downstream & Chemical Project Department

Left: Satomi Maki, Right Hideaki Fujita from Chiyoda Corporation’s Downstream & Chemical Project Department.

First impressions of the newest autonomous CAD tool

Now that PlantStream is out of beta, we wanted to talk more about how our autonomous CAD has been utilized by some of our early adopters. What better place to start than with one of our first partners, Chiyoda Corporation.


About PlantStream Inc.

Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc collaborated together to make the company and product, PlantStream. PlantStream is a powerful, fast, and…


Autonomous CAD tool that revolutionizes plant design.

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