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About PlantStream Inc.

Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc collaborated together to make the company and product, PlantStream. PlantStream is a powerful, fast, and accurate CAD tool that seeks to bring about worldwide innovation in spatial design (layout and modeling of equipment, piping, civil, structure, and cable), the core of plant engineering.


The newest CAD tool to enter the…

Company Overview

PlantStream is an autonomous 3D CAD software with phenomenal precision and speed.

Product Sales Manager — North America

Full-time contractor position

  • Export support for industry standard tools & formats such as SP3D, DWG, Navis, and more
  • Support for object snapping for better CAD UX
  • Update to the Routing Assist algorithm to take into account process requirements, such as expansion loops and slopes
  • Underground routing support for more downstream detailed design
  • Multi-user support for teams working on large…

Routing Assist Through Pass Point

An interview between Chiyoda and Arent. How an established plant engineering company and a CAD specialized startup their new joint venture, PlantStream.


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