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Left: Satomi Maki, Right Hideaki Fujita from Chiyoda Corporation’s Downstream & Chemical Project Department.

First impressions of the newest autonomous CAD tool

Now that PlantStream is out of beta, we wanted to talk more about how our autonomous CAD has been utilized by some of our early adopters. What better place to start than with one of our first partners, Chiyoda Corporation.

Being the first partner, Chiyoda was able to test out…

PlantStream has just wrapped up Q2 2021 and things are smoothly sailing along to expedite FEED projects of our customers. Special thanks to our early user feedback, the DWG exporting and Multi-User support features are now released.

What Users just got

Watch our video update!

Over the past few months we have showcased how PlantStream’s Block Pattern technology delivers incredibly accurate results in just a fraction of time when compared to traditional manual 3D CAD tools. But that’s not the only way that PlantStream speeds up the process.

Today we wanted to share a…

This is a translated blog post, originally featured in the Japanese industry focused magazine, “Piping Engineering 2021 April.” Text, images, layout have been modified to optimize for this blog post.


About PlantStream Inc.

Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc collaborated together to make the company and product, PlantStream. PlantStream is a powerful, fast, and…

You find yourself at the end of the dock ready to take on the challenge of the sea, but which boat best suits you? A canoe, a yacht, a cruise liner? Okay, maybe we’re not really jumping into boats, but the vastness of software available can feel a bit like…

PlantStream has entered into the the market of plant design, bringing with them the latest technology “Block Pattern.” But what is Block Pattern and how does that impact you? You saw it in action with the accompanying video, but let’s deep dive into what the feature is.

Block Patterns…

Earlier this week PlantStream left beta, and now we’re excited to announce that we have three brand new positions available on our team.

Company Overview

PlantStream is an autonomous 3D CAD software with phenomenal precision and speed.

Our mission is to streamline plant engineering to increase the productivity of and creative freedom…

PlantStream may have just left beta, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have many more exciting features planned for 2021 and beyond.

We analyzed where PlantStream was already excelling, and after consultation with our early adopters we made plans to develop features like following:

  • Export support for industry standard tools…

It’s here! PlantStream, the innovative autonomous CAD that can automatically route 1,000 pipes in just 60 seconds, is officially out of beta today.

Since the first release of the beta back in September 2020, we have worked closely with our early adopters to gather invaluable feedback. We have looked at…

Left: Hiroki Kamobayashi, CEO, Arent, Inc.
Right: Seitaro Narue, ex-Piping Engineer, Chiyoda Corporation & now-CEO, PlantStream Inc.

The two of you, Seitaro and Hiroki, have crossed over organizational boundaries to tackle problems together. How did you originally meet?

Seitaro (Chiyoda): It was back when Chiyoda Corporation was pursuing various AI…


Autonomous CAD tool that revolutionizes plant design.

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