End of Q2 Update: What has been shipped and what’s to come

PlantStream has just wrapped up Q2 2021 and things are smoothly sailing along to expedite FEED projects of our customers. Special thanks to our early user feedback, the DWG exporting and Multi-User support features are now released.

What Users just got

Watch our video update!


  • Now you can easily see which direction fluid moves inside pipes just by pressing the SPACE key.
  • This utilizes PlantStream’s from/to information held within our layout tools and Block Patterns.


  • Similar to Workspace, you can assign and divide Units by Area Code to manage specific units, pipe racks and equipment areas.
  • You can easily divide, merge and edit Area Codes.
  • When exporting MTO, you can get the numbers by Area Code respectively.


  • You can now break your Unit data into Workspaces, allowing other users to work on the same project simultaneously.
  • You can easily go inside/outside the Workspace and break, update, and merge the data freely.


  • You can now export designed plot plans via DWG.
  • In this way, you can easily share the deliverables with cross functional teams without having extra PlantStream licenses.

What’s to come

With the goal of continued support to teams working together, in Q3 we’re putting more emphasis on improving our export experience. This will focus on allowing teams to share the data made in PlantStream with tools downstream, such as PDMS/E3D and more mainstream CAD tools.

That’s far from the only thing we’re working on. Our next mission is to make PlantStream your one stop shop for completing the entire FEED process for your projects. Our target after export improvements is adding in Slope, Loop, U/G features.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s to come:

2021 Q2 (Released)

  • DWG export
  • Multi-user support

2021 Q3

  • S3D export

2021 Q4

  • Slope
  • Loop
  • Equipment custom modeling
  • Material cost estimator

2022 Q1

  • Equipment & Block Pattern library template
  • Underground routing
  • Navis export

2022 Q2

  • Support structure modeling assist
  • Export to stress calculation tools (AutoPipe, Caesar II)
  • Export to structural analysis tools (STAAD)

Excited for these features? Have some you’d like to see sooner? Let us know what features you’re excited about, we’re listening.

We are also currently running hands-on demonstrations to show how PlantStream can streamline the way your team works. You can use this link to speak to one of our friendly developers, and organize a live demo.



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