PlantStream — From Plot Plan to Pipe Modeling

Over the past few months we have showcased how PlantStream’s Block Pattern technology delivers incredibly accurate results in just a fraction of time when compared to traditional manual 3D CAD tools. But that’s not the only way that PlantStream speeds up the process.

Today we wanted to share a new side-by-side comparison between PlantStream and one of traditional manual 3D CADs. This video showcases the entire process starting from a 2D plot plan, right up to the completion of pipe routing.

You are seeing that right. The traditional manual 3D CAD tool clocks in at 32 hours of manual labor, while PlantStream is able to complete the project in just 44 minutes and 32 seconds.

With highly accurate algorithms and precision controls, PlantStream can free up your plant design engineers from the modeling process, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. With the ability to quickly iterate, and compare solutions, PlantStream is a tool that can redefine how you work.

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