PlantStream is out of beta!

3 min readApr 5, 2021


It’s here! PlantStream, the innovative autonomous CAD that can automatically route 1,000 pipes in just 60 seconds, is officially out of beta today.

Since the first release of the beta back in September 2020, we have worked closely with our early adopters to gather invaluable feedback. We have looked at how PlantStream has positively affected our partners, but also listened to their feature requests. As a result today we are pleased to reveal the new additions that have been added to PlantStream.

Routing Assist Through Pass Point

PlantStream introduces Pass Point routing assistance. Previously our algorithm would autonomously design based on the most efficient and cheapest route possible, but we all know that sometimes we need to define specific points.

Now you can select individual routes and manually define the passpoint, then with the click of a button PlantStream will create the most efficient route to your destination. Now you can get the design you need, while still maintaining peak efficiency.

Cable Routing Assist

We are excited to debut our Cable Routing Assist algorithm. Using the same expert analysis as our autonomous pipe routing, engineers can now route specific cables through cable trays, allowing piping and electrical departments to use unified data throughout the entire planning process.

PDMS/E3D Direct Export

We are also happy to announce that PlantSteam now supports direct export for AVEVA PDMS/E3D. Once the design and routing has been completed within PlantStream, with the press of a button you can export your expert designs for use with PDMS/E3D for further implementation.

All of that is available right now, in today’s version of PlantStream. However, we still have our eyes on the future. Some of our planned features for 2021 include:

  • Object Snapping
  • Expansion Loops
  • Underground routing
  • And more

We will be posting our product roadmap in the coming weeks, so please check in to see what new features are on the horizon for 2021 and beyond.

Click here to contact our friendly team for a demo of PlantStream to see how it can improve your next project.




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