PlantStream Presents: Version 1.0.22!

3 min readJul 12, 2023


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PlantStream has recently released its new version v.1.0.22, and we are happy to share its latest update! We are dedicated to continuously improving and enhancing our software to bring the best possible experience to our customers.

This version introduces several changes and upgrades, including the first steps for manipulating objects more freely in the UI space and grouping together objects within the software.

The following updates have been implemented:

Underground Design Function

When designing a plant layout, engineers have to think not only about the placement of elements above ground, but also the pipes, cables, and other elements that have to be routed underground. In this version, we have added functionality for underground design, and these will be gradually improved over time, so stay tuned for more enhancements!

Hydraulic Calculation MTO Reports

In plant design, it’s imperative that reports are easy to understand and show a full picture of the piping components throughout the project. In this version, we have added a feature that produces MTO Reports for hydraulic calculation. These reports provide an output of piping components in the order of flow between two specified nozzles. This will help in calculations to prove the flow of fluid through piping networks and to summarize the basis of design used respectively.

Equipment Grouping

With this update, engineers can now group equipment together that was created using primitives, thus making it easier to adjust whole groups of equipment rather than each element one-by-one. Different types of equipment can also be grouped together.

Relative Distance Placement

To offer greater efficiency in spacing out the elements in PlantStream’s UI, we have upgraded our software with the “Relative Distance Placement” function, which allows engineers to adjust relative distance placement of objects by simply clicking on the “Move” gizmo and specifying the distance between the two objects.

Improved Manual Piping Function

In this version, we have enhanced the UI to allow for greater flexibility when modifying and adjusting manual piping.

Insulation Thickness

We have added a feature that allows the user to edit the insulation thickness of a pipe directly in Line Mode. Users can choose to utilize PlantStream’s default insulation thickness, or easily modify it manually using this new functionality.

And many more!

This update includes many more feature enhancements and upgrades, please contact us for more information and specific questions about the software.

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