PlantStream Wins the Digital Agency’s “Good Digital Award” in the Start-Up Division

5 min readOct 14, 2022


Further selected as the grand prize winner following the division award

We are pleased to announce that PlantStream Inc., a joint venture between Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc., has received the grand prize in the start-up division of the Digital Agency-sponsored Good Digital Awards for its highly praised contribution to digital transformation in the plant industry.

[What are the Good Digital Awards?]

The Digital Agency recognizes and awards individuals, companies, and organizations that have contributed or will contribute to the Agency’s mission of “human-friendly digitalization that leaves no one behind” in the following 9 categories: Start-ups, Art, Entertainment, Education, Diversity & Inclusion, Disaster Prevention/Infrastructure, Mobility, Health/Medical/Nursing, and Agriculture/Water/Forestry/Food.

Good Digital Award — Award Divisions

In addition to the 9 divisions listed above, a “Special Jury’s Choice Social Impact Award” has also been established.

Moving forward, an overall grand prize will be awarded to one of the companies or organizations that have been awarded a grand prize in their respective division, which includes PlantStream. For more details, please visit the 2022 Good Digital Award website:

[About PlantStream]

PlantStream® was launched to develop and offer next-generation CAD solutions to tackle the various problems that burden plant design.

We have succeeded in digitalizing the design process by converting the expertise of experienced engineers into algorithms. It is now possible to automatically route as many as 1,000 pipes in just one minute, compared to old processes where it may have taken four hours to route a single pipe.

This has allowed engineers to break free from labor-intensive work patterns. With digitalization now freeing them from tedious adjustments, engineers are free to use their talents to create something new. Furthermore, the ability to pass on the technical skills of experienced engineers to the next generation will also be realized thanks to this technology.

All of this is in line with the Digital Agency’s vision of “human-friendly digitalization that leaves no one behind,” which in turn led us to receive the grand prize.

[Comment from Mr. Seitaro Narue, CEO of PlantStream Inc.]

We are quite surprised and extremely pleased to receive the 2022 Good Digital Award for our product.

That being said, we will not rest on our laurels after receiving this honor. PlantStream will continue to provide services that will lead the world in the digital transformation of plant design from here in Japan, a country that is often said to be lagging behind in digitalization.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

[Message from Mr. Norimasa Matsuoka, Senior Vice President and Division Director of Frontier Business Division, Chiyoda Corp.]

Congratulations to PlantStream and everyone involved in this project for winning the grand prize in the Start-up Division.

Plant engineering is often seen as particularly difficult to digitalize due to its specialized technologies, but I am delighted to see that the synergistic effects of former Chiyoda piping engineer and PlantStream CEO Seitaro Narue’s passion and Arent Inc.’s technological prowess have produced a product that successfully incorporates the expertise of experienced engineers. It has come to be recognized by engineering companies not only in Japan, but around the world as well.

I hope that this award will lead to more opportunities for further development and that this digital tool will come to be used by many more people involved in plant design across the globe.

[Message from Mr. Hiroki Kamobayashi, CEO of Arent Inc.]

Congratulations to all involved for winning the grand prize in the Start-up Division.

At Arent, we believe that the key to digital transformation is to solve our clients’ industry-wide problems with new digital services. We can accomplish this by digitalizing the tacit knowledge that currently exists within so many companies.

The plant industry is burdened with challenging and time-consuming design processes, but these have now been alleviated by incorporating Chiyoda Corporation’s extensive knowledge and expertise into a digital service called PlantStream®, a true example of the DX ideal.

We are extremely pleased that PlantStream has received this award, as we believe it will bring hope to many Japanese companies that are currently having trouble with digitalization.
I am overjoyed to learn of this award and look forward to working even harder to promote digital transformation in Japan.

[Company Overview]

■ About PlantStream Inc.
PlantStream is committed to solving the plant industry’s challenges on a global scale. If you have any comments or concerns relating to plant design efficiency, please feel free to contact us.
Company Name: PlantStream Inc.
Location: Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Established: July 1, 2020
Representatives: Mr. Seitaro Narue — Director & CEO, Mr. Takeshi Oda — Director & Co-CEO
Corporate Site:

■ About Chiyoda Corporation Company
Name: Chiyoda Corporation
Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan
Established: Jan. 20, 1948
Representative: Mr. Masakazu Sakakida — Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
Corporate Site:

■ About Arent Inc.
Company Name: Arent Inc.
Location: Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Established: July 2, 2012
Representative: Mr. Hiroki Kamobayashi — Director & CEO, Mr. Fumitaka Sakai — Director & COO
Corporate Site:




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