PlantStream’s CEO, Seitaro Narue, will speak at Gastech 2022, one of the world’s largest energy conferences.

3 min readAug 23, 2022

In recognition of technology developed in Japan, our company was chosen to participate in this event.

PlantStream Inc. (hereafter “PlantStream”), a joint venture between Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Corporation, is pleased to announce that its CEO, Seitaro Narue, will be speaking at Gastech 2022, one of the world’s premier energy events. The event will be held in Milan, Italy from September 5 (Mon.) to September 8 (Thur.), 2022.

■ Overview

As stated in the title, PlantStream is a joint venture between Chiyoda Corporation and Arent.
Chiyoda is a global EPC contractor with a proven track record in the construction of large-scale plants, including oil refineries and natural gas liquefaction facilities. The company excels in marketing and promotions thanks to its extensive contacts within the industry. Arent is a startup employing many of the industry’s top CAD engineers and is responsible for the development of PlantStream®.

PlantStream®’s trailblazing digital technology has been recognized by the technical council members of Gastech’s participating companies, and we are proud to announce that we have been selected to speak at Gastech, a global energy event that we have long aspired to be a part of. Our CEO, Mr. Seitaro Narue, will take the stage to present PlantStream®, which was built and developed using the best of Japanese technology. Mr. Narue hopes to share PlantStream’s innovations with the rest of the global community.
We hope that you will join us and support our vision.

Topic of Presentation: Digital Project Design
Presentation Time: September 5th (Mon.) from 14:30 (local time)

Gastech’s official profile for Seitaro Narue can be viewed at the following link:

■ What is PlantStream®?
PlantStream®, a CAD tool for plant layout design, has three major functions: automatic routing of pipes and cables, three-dimensional equipment layout, and parametric standard piping design around equipment (block patterns) (see Figure 1). It is marketed to plant owners and EPC contractors worldwide as a specialized software (Vertical SaaS) designed for the plant engineering industry. It is constantly evolving.

■ What is Gastech?
Gastech is among the world’s largest international conferences for natural gas and LNG. Gastech became an annual event starting with the 2019 conference held in Houston, Texas. It has since become a centerpiece of the energy industry.

Event Name: Gastech 2022
Date: Sep. 5 (Mon.) — 8 (Thur.), 2022.
Country/Region: Italy/Milan
No. of Attendees: 40,000+
No. of Exhibiting/Collaborating Companies: 1,000+
No. of Participating Regions/Countries: 112

■ About PlantStream Inc.
PlantStream is committed to solving industry challenges on a global scale.
If you have any concerns or issues relating to plant design efficiency, please feel free to contact us.

Company Name: PlantStream Inc.
Location: Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Established: July 1, 2020
Representatives: Mr. Seitaro Narue — Director & CEO, Mr. Takeshi Oda — Director & Co-CEO
Corporate Site:

■ About Chiyoda Corporation
Company Name: Chiyoda Corporation
Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan
Established: Jan. 20, 1948
Representative: Mr. Masakazu Sakakida — Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
Corporate Site:

■ About Arent Inc.
Company Name: Arent Inc.
Location: Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Established: July 2, 2012
Representative: Mr. Hiroki Kamobayashi — Director & CEO, Mr. Fumitaka Sakai — Director & COO
Corporate Site:




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